Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 4th, Stitching / RAK'd / Floss Tube Update....

First off, for those in the USA, Happy 4th - please stay safe and keep your pets indoors too!
I had a stitching marathon today - first time in probably a year! I actually stitched for almost 5 hrs total :)

Recently, I have been working on 2 separate projects, Apple Pickin' by Lynn's Prints and also It's My Mess by Joan Elliott. I didn't take any pictures of my actual progress today as I was too tired but here are the models - all I have to do now on Apple Pickin' is the tree branch and I have the PJ top and face done on It's My Mess (both are for my mom).
Apple Pickin' model
It's My Mess - model

I did purchase a kit by Design Works called America a few months ago at my local Joann's - it had been there for many months and I finally decided to grab it - the center of it reminds me of Charles Wysocki's style of art work. I spent at least 1.5 hrs getting it ready to start stitching tomorrow - it will be my 4th of July new start - this might become a tradition, I don't know yet.
America - model

And speaking of Wysocki, a lady finished Cozy Cove on 123stitch and showed her work the other day, GORGEOUS! I've seen a few people do Macnintosh Mill by him (all Dimensions kits I think) but Machintosh Mill I know for certain is OOP - and it's a tad expensive for my budget right now to purchase at Ebay or Etsy.
Wysocki - Dimension's Cozy Cove - model
Wysocki - Dimension's Macintosh Mill - model

So I decided to peek on Ebay just to see what all was out there by Wysocki - and I found a Dimension's kit called Peaceful Countryside - and it just really called to me - reminds me so much of favorite areas we used to drive through in No. California - and also of the farmland area north of where we live in WA state.
Wysocki Dimension's - Peaceful Countryside - model
Long story short - the kit, while very reasonable, was still too much for my pocketbook right now - so I asked at 123stitch if anyone knew if there had been a separate chart made of it that one could legally purchase. The next thing I know, a lady who I only know from seeing her post every so often at 123stitch, offered to RAK me the kit from Ebay - I was absolutely stunned and broke down crying and asked her to really think it through for a few days but she insisted she wanted to do it so I let her - and now it is on it's way to me :) I am just so ecstatic :)

I still plan on getting Macintosh Mill someday (maybe - that Cozy Cove is also lovely) but this one will definitely be such a joy and an honor to do and have!!

Oh forgot to add, I was also RAK'd a couple of gorgeous patterns, one was this one:
Late Summer Village - model - Cross Stitch & Needlework
And the other was this one:
Cross Stitch Collection - Ascot Ladies' Day - model

And so with all that rambling on here, I finally decided to join Floss Tube on Youtube - my first video totally sucked as it was only pictures showing my different work (not all of it either - I was too chicken to appear) - but then I decided to do another video showing me (total dork!) and so far, so good!

So if you are really bored, you can do a search for Three Bluebirds floss tube - and you'll find me! Floss tube was a real soothing healer for me when I messed up my arm last year and really couldn't stitch - so I am a big fan of it :)

And with that, yes, I still plan on blogging as well - not sure how often I'll be on Floss Tube but I do plan on every so often, most likely very short videos (compared to what I did).

Thank you for reading :)

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Robin in Virginia said...

Happy Independence Day, Laura! What super projects you are working on! You received some lovely RAKs.