Friday, July 15, 2016

I Have 2 Finishes!!!! (Well, 1 & 3/4ths) :)

After injuring my arm last year, I wasn't sure I'd ever finish this project or even want to but I put in my last stitches about an hour ago and it feels WONDERFUL - sorry about the photo quality and the wrinkles but without further ado, here is Apple Pickin' by Lynn's Prints (it's more colorful in person):

And then here is my first flatfold. Not the best but not the worst. It doesn't have it's bow on it yet but I am happy overall with it:

I'll post a picture when I have the bow on it if my idea works - we'll see....Thank you for looking :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Christmas Surprise Giveaway!

I don't know anyone who gets into the spirit of the holidays like Nancy does....head over to enter into the surprise giveaway at the Victorian Sampler Motto Shoppe!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Christmas in July Giveaway @ Victorian Sampler Motto Shoppe!

Please head over to the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe - Nancy is doing her Christmas in July giveaway - absolutely wonderful - you give her a few hints of what you like and she will surprise you :)


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Beautiful Necessaire Giveaway!

Nancy at Victorian Sampler Motto Shoppe is doing a Christmas in July giveaway for one of her wonderful handmade Necessaire  - you get to choose your choice of color and they really look lovely :-)

Enter now:  Necessaire Giveaway

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy 4th, Stitching / RAK'd / Floss Tube Update....

First off, for those in the USA, Happy 4th - please stay safe and keep your pets indoors too!
I had a stitching marathon today - first time in probably a year! I actually stitched for almost 5 hrs total :)

Recently, I have been working on 2 separate projects, Apple Pickin' by Lynn's Prints and also It's My Mess by Joan Elliott. I didn't take any pictures of my actual progress today as I was too tired but here are the models - all I have to do now on Apple Pickin' is the tree branch and I have the PJ top and face done on It's My Mess (both are for my mom).
Apple Pickin' model
It's My Mess - model

I did purchase a kit by Design Works called America a few months ago at my local Joann's - it had been there for many months and I finally decided to grab it - the center of it reminds me of Charles Wysocki's style of art work. I spent at least 1.5 hrs getting it ready to start stitching tomorrow - it will be my 4th of July new start - this might become a tradition, I don't know yet.
America - model

And speaking of Wysocki, a lady finished Cozy Cove on 123stitch and showed her work the other day, GORGEOUS! I've seen a few people do Macnintosh Mill by him (all Dimensions kits I think) but Machintosh Mill I know for certain is OOP - and it's a tad expensive for my budget right now to purchase at Ebay or Etsy.
Wysocki - Dimension's Cozy Cove - model
Wysocki - Dimension's Macintosh Mill - model

So I decided to peek on Ebay just to see what all was out there by Wysocki - and I found a Dimension's kit called Peaceful Countryside - and it just really called to me - reminds me so much of favorite areas we used to drive through in No. California - and also of the farmland area north of where we live in WA state.
Wysocki Dimension's - Peaceful Countryside - model
Long story short - the kit, while very reasonable, was still too much for my pocketbook right now - so I asked at 123stitch if anyone knew if there had been a separate chart made of it that one could legally purchase. The next thing I know, a lady who I only know from seeing her post every so often at 123stitch, offered to RAK me the kit from Ebay - I was absolutely stunned and broke down crying and asked her to really think it through for a few days but she insisted she wanted to do it so I let her - and now it is on it's way to me :) I am just so ecstatic :)

I still plan on getting Macintosh Mill someday (maybe - that Cozy Cove is also lovely) but this one will definitely be such a joy and an honor to do and have!!

Oh forgot to add, I was also RAK'd a couple of gorgeous patterns, one was this one:
Late Summer Village - model - Cross Stitch & Needlework
And the other was this one:
Cross Stitch Collection - Ascot Ladies' Day - model

And so with all that rambling on here, I finally decided to join Floss Tube on Youtube - my first video totally sucked as it was only pictures showing my different work (not all of it either - I was too chicken to appear) - but then I decided to do another video showing me (total dork!) and so far, so good!

So if you are really bored, you can do a search for Three Bluebirds floss tube - and you'll find me! Floss tube was a real soothing healer for me when I messed up my arm last year and really couldn't stitch - so I am a big fan of it :)

And with that, yes, I still plan on blogging as well - not sure how often I'll be on Floss Tube but I do plan on every so often, most likely very short videos (compared to what I did).

Thank you for reading :)