Saturday, June 11, 2016

Some stitching & a flower video....

At long last, I finally got around to taking a couple of (lousy) pictures of my latest projects -

the first up is Temptations by Joan Elliott by Design Works - my mom found it Joann's about 3 months ago and so I completed this one for my mom and she liked it so much, she had me go back 2 days later and buy the other identical kit to do for her cousin - thank goodness for 50% coupons - only $2- each! Not too crazy about the materials but they did their due - had to ask for more black floss as the kit was super short on it (yet the kit had a ton of green in it!):

Next one is It's My Mess, another Joan Elliott/Design Works piece - my mom loved this one so we bought this one at the same time we bought the 1st Tempting kit - I haven't done this one yet and this is the only picture I could find online of it:

This is from the July 2010 CrossStitch & Needlework magazine - I am just doing the Tea In The Garden part as a gift for a friend of mine - sort of a combo thank you and housewarming gift:

I've worked a couple hours on Tradewinds but not enough to show any difference to anyone and I haven't touched either the Apple piece or the Honey piece in months - my rheumatoid arthritis has been a bear and I'm on my 3rd kind of medication for it now (self-injection shots once a week). I am really hoping this will over time ease the symptoms enough so I can start stitching more.

And last but not least, the first of 2 flower videos of photos I took over in Edmonds (this was from May 2nd) of the roses and flowers on that one street where it is just full of blooms:


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