Thursday, May 12, 2016

Stash Sale....

Hi, long time, no hear. Not sure if I am just chatting with myself here or what....wouldn't be surprised if that was the case but what the heck.

As the title says, I am having a stash sale. I've already posted this at 123stitch, so it's the same stuff.

My rheumatoid arthritis is playing havoc with my joints and I am having difficulty in finding a compatible medication that will work, so in the meantime, my stitching has really slowed down to almost non-existent.

Anyways, if you're interested, the link will be below. It's mostly magazines, a few patterns and books, just about all used, either given to me or what I've purchased.

I am only accepting Paypal or money orders right now and I only charge exact postage. The price of each item is listed in the title, shipping extra, and I am more than willing to combine shipping.

Thank you for looking....and reading....hope to have a few pics to post this weekend.

Sales link: