Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Holidays....

Been crazy times around here - major water leak in master bathroom and closet - so all my clothes had to stay in the living room while the leak was tracked down from the upstairs apartment and fixed - in the meantime, the new upstairs neighbors decided to start using their chimney - we've lived here for over 8 yrs and no one has used it before - well, all the smoke from upstairs has been coming into our apartment - trip to ER for my mom, asthma attacks, airing out the place at all odd hours, talking to the neighbors by us, maintenance (twice), and the fire department - finally got a basic inspection - not cleaned out since 2005 - our damper is broken - the inspection company raised their outside flue to help direct the smoke away more - I'm on a nebulizer for asthma again (my mom is already on one) - 233 skeins of floss are smoke-fumed ruined - and all my clothing also got full of smoke fumes - including 2 leather coats - get to fight it out with the renters insurance company for coverage - fun times - not. At least my stitching was in a different room away from the smoke and water damage!

Had a nice Thanksgiving though and hoping Christmas will be quiet and peaceful!

Looking forward to a better new year!

Happy Holidays!