Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Where has time flown?

Wow - Can't believe it's November already!

A lot's been going on so sorry I haven't been posting as I had planned originally.

Haven't been doing much stitching either really.

Let me back that up - I was making some very good headway on Apple Pickin' then I don't know - I guess, I just got burnt out on it. The girl is finished and there is 1 apple done, and the footstool is done with only 1 leg to it. Looks like she's standing on funky UFO.

Got the beehive done on the sampler and the bees around it done and part of one flower vase.

Signed up for a lot of SALs to help keep me motivated but nope. In a true stitching slump.

Even though I'm really enjoying Flosstube.

Been more on a reading slant of late and even that's tapering off. Maybe the stitching bug will pick back up again....although my knitting needles are calling me lately.

Not good.

Stay tuned - we'll see what happens....