Thursday, September 17, 2015

A froggin' we will go and bees come to visit!

I hope this gentleman is on his merry way....he's visited long enough!

Quick (blurry) picture of Pedigree of Honey - fabric is more golden than it shows but I am very happy with the progress so far, especially once I got through working out the mistakes in that beehive - who knew 2 colors could be so fussy! :) Once I get the other 2 bees done (facing the opposite direction), it will be back to Apple Pickin' for awhile. On a good note, my arm and hand is feeling stronger so I am hoping to start on Tradewinds in about a week from this Sunday! And I may be ordering some fabric for a Christmas project this Monday - if I do, I share the details then! Been looking for a long time for the perfect fabric and think I have finally found something ideal!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Blackwork Pumpkin I - finished :)

Sorry about the dark picture but I have a finish :) Felt so good to get it done too - even though I am still having to stitch a lot with my left hand - even have a frame for it - just need to wash/press it and try to cut the scrapbook paper I bought to try to make a mat for it. Now maybe I'll finally get a few stitches into my honey sampler today to make it an official start :)