Sunday, August 30, 2015

Projects Update & Winds oh My!

Firstly, I wanted to extend a warm welcome to my newest followers, thank you so very much :)

Just a quick post today - haven't had too much time to stitch but I did get some work in on Blackwork Pumpkin 1 and a little bit more on Apple Pickin'. I'm know the photo looks a bit silly, sort of like she has a funky UFO flying over her head but my batteries in my camera are on their last leg and I probably won't be going to the store until Tuesday so I'm trying to make them last.

My RA has been acting up in my arm and hand so I've been having to do a lot of stitching with my other hand - I did purchase some needle puller thimbles (I got these at my local Joann's for $4.99 - used the 50% off coupon) that I found in the cross stitch section - I am very fortunate my local Joann's has a well stocked section - I was sort of well, not hesitant, but what's the word I'm looking for....ugh....been a long night folks, sorry....not that believing....they are very flexible and wasn't sure it was worth the money....but they do indeed work!! It's just hard to thread needles with them but with a needle threader, I'm good to go!
Would help if I posted a picture of what I'm rambling on about here huh?

Oh I also bought the floss for my Honey sampler - even the clerk at the checkout loved the colors of the floss and she doesn't stitch! (I tried to encourage her to take it up but I don't think I convinced her too much).

Ooh, forgot to mention, this coming Fri/Sat, my family's church is having their quarterly craft weekend where you can go in and craft on whatever you want - I think the hours are from 8am-10pm on Fri, and 9-6 on Sat so you know who's going and bringing her stitching! I've also got a lot of ornaments from last year I can complete (got all the supplies, never did do them as planned) so maybe I can get that done too.

And last but not least, here's a pic of why I'm so sleepy this morning....I don't know if you've heard about that nice rain/wind storm we had out our way yesterday/last night in the Puget Sound region? Well, we're north of Seattle and the rain and wind, especially the wind, was something else - no internet service (nor regular phone as our's is VoIP/WIFI) since yesterday early afternoon and we had 9 trees go down in our apartment complex alone. We used to have a huge pine tree right outside one of our bedroom windows but they removed it last year - really hated to see it go but am glad they did now. Here's a picture of one of the branches that went down yesterday afternoon just across the greenway from us:

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