Sunday, August 30, 2015

Projects Update & Winds oh My!

Firstly, I wanted to extend a warm welcome to my newest followers, thank you so very much :)

Just a quick post today - haven't had too much time to stitch but I did get some work in on Blackwork Pumpkin 1 and a little bit more on Apple Pickin'. I'm know the photo looks a bit silly, sort of like she has a funky UFO flying over her head but my batteries in my camera are on their last leg and I probably won't be going to the store until Tuesday so I'm trying to make them last.

My RA has been acting up in my arm and hand so I've been having to do a lot of stitching with my other hand - I did purchase some needle puller thimbles (I got these at my local Joann's for $4.99 - used the 50% off coupon) that I found in the cross stitch section - I am very fortunate my local Joann's has a well stocked section - I was sort of well, not hesitant, but what's the word I'm looking for....ugh....been a long night folks, sorry....not that believing....they are very flexible and wasn't sure it was worth the money....but they do indeed work!! It's just hard to thread needles with them but with a needle threader, I'm good to go!
Would help if I posted a picture of what I'm rambling on about here huh?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Now For Something A Bit Different - A Chart Title Meme....

Found this over at Stitchbitch's blog and it looked like a lot of fun so I thought I'd give it a go being as I don't have much to show on the stitching side of things just yet. Since I can never get my images and words to load up the way I'd like to on here, I'll post the image then the "meme" part underneath in the caption part of the image - hope that makes sense.

Here we go:

Are you male or female? Woman

Describe yourself. Salty Dog
How do you feel about yourself? Fine Wine
How do some people feel about you? Crazy As An Owl
Describe your love interest. Hope in the Lord
Describe your best friend. A Few Hoots
Describe where you currently live. Hobbit Hole
Where would you rather be? Wave Watching
Describe what you want to be. Peaceful Garden
Describe how you live. Wild Adventures
Share a few words of wisdom. Be Silly
Now use a title to say goodbye. Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle

Friday, August 14, 2015

Such a very lovely gift, from such a gracious Lady....

Let me tell you, Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is such a gracious lady....I don't remember if I mentioned before that I won one of her latest contests she had recently - she had asked what was your favorite color and for some reason that day, I decided to answer golden honey. I even said as much in my comment that for that day for some reason, that was my favorite color. I think it's because there's been this chart on the back of my mind of late - you know how that happens sometimes. I bought it in the original magazine years ago and had always planned on stitching it but never got around to it then found a copy of the magazine a few months back at the local library sale or maybe it was at a thrift shop - called The Pedigree of Honey (I'm not really into bees but there's just something about this sampler that I love but that's another story) - and yes, you can still purchase the pattern at Herrshners as a .pdf (if I'm repeating myself these days, sorry)

anyways - long story short, the first time she sent whatever it was I won, it got stolen from the apartment manager's office. I didn't want her to think I was being rude by not contacting her to thank her for sending it and all so I let her know what happened - she decided to send it to me by certified mail - I had to pick it up at the post office and when the postal clerk brought the box to me, I told the clerk it had to be a mistake as I wasn't expecting such a large box. She double checked but it was the right one. I decided to open it up in the car and I sort of startled the people around us, my family and certainly myself as I broke down crying - sobbing a little actually - I never expected such generosity and such beautiful things....

let me tell you - this fabric just glows - it just absolutely glows - it's called Antique Champagne 36ct Belgium linen - and it is the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen for stitching on and I have seen many a hand-dyed fabric - but this has just captured my heart....and her floss....oh my, it is so very soft and velvety to the touch....I cannot wait to stitch with it....and when I can, I will be ordering more of each (or something similar of the fabric - I am not sure if she still makes this exact color) and no, I am not writing all this to gain points with her - she doesn't even know about this blog post - I'm just writing this as I feel credit is due where it is due!

I wrote her and told her how I reacted and yes, we had a very nice email exchange over it - even now I am tearing up over everything....I will be stitching Pedigree of Honey on it and a few other things - anyways, sorry for repeats of things - my mom's surgery for her thyroid removal has recently been scheduled and it will be tricky due to her having lymphoma cancer in the same area, my sister sees a specialist on Monday about the tumors on her pancreas and possible surgery and I just found out yesterday that I have rheumatoid arthritis and I am also being tested for lupus (my sister was also diagnosed about a month ago with RA only - it showed in her bloodwork - mine didn't but was due to this stupid elbow injury leading to all sorts of stuff) - so my mind has been in a bit of a whirl to say the least....

here's a picture yet again of Pedigree of Honey and also of what I won:

Friday, August 7, 2015

Apple Pickin' & Prize Update....

My arm has been a bit of a bugger so I haven't gotten as much stitching done as I'd like but I've been using my new Morgan lap stand and it's been absolutely wonderful! I love it more and more each time I use it!

I do feel badly that I had to contact Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe to tell her that it looked like when the package she sent to me was delivered to my apartment manager's office that it got stolen - I didn't want her to think I was being rude or ungrateful by not contacting her to thank her for receiving it. We got the slip in the mailbox from the postman but the office couldn't find it. They have an attendant on staff after hours to assist people with the gym, pool and packages so who knows what happened to it. I left it totally at her discretion on how to handle the situation so she is sending it by certified mail where I have to sign for it. She really is so very kind!! It should be hee Monday :)