Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nancy's Doing One Last Give-Away....

over at the Victorian Sampler Motto Shoppe - you need to tell her what your favorite colors are - I told her right now mine are sort of a golden-honey color - it reminds me so much of The Pedigree of Honey sampler that is now out by Herrscher's - I have it in the original magazine format - keep meaning to do it - I may do this one for the sampler SAL I signed up for instead of the Peaceful Garden - will have to see - I go see an ortho specialist tomorrow - saw a new physical therapist earlier today - she was really upset that I hadn't been seen sooner by one so she called my doctor and had a chat with her - one thing that I don't like is that my original therapist suggested I should be tested for rheumatoid arthritis - which is done by a process of elimination of a battery of tests - and so far, some of the blood work is showing that I may indeed have something off - and this new therapist I saw (my other one is on vacation this week) thinks my elbow joint is offset - at least it's not broken - but I'm being a grump and eating a piece of cherry pie!

anyways, here's the Pedigree of Honey sampler model:

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