Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bit of this, that....

Thank you most kindly for those of you who have stayed with me throughout my hiatus. I've missed the stitching world and sad to learn of more people moving towards Instagram and the like and away from blogging. Sort of reminds me of moving away from reading actual books and writing hand written notes and letters.

Oh well, I think blogging will still remain a fixture, at least I hope so. What I have discovered is vlogs - videos on Youtube from various stitchers showcasing their work & stash. Oh dear, this is not good! :)

Speaking of stitching, my mojo kind of went no where then it started to pick up again, only for me to injure my right elbow (tore ligaments/muscles) so no stitching for at least a month - I'm typing this left handed. I do have some upcoming new starts planned plus some WIPs I want to focus on and some stitch from stash to do too, plus Christmas ornaments to finish finish! I did managed to get a bit of stitching done that I have some pictures to show so until  next time:

Letters From Nora - O

Old time airplane
Sakura - WIP