Friday, January 9, 2015

Catching up a bit....

Oh my, I don't know where to start - first off, thank you so much to my new followers! I am hoping to make this blog more fun this year and more stitching related. I have a lot of smalls I need to finish but I'm waiting on stash to arrive by mail - you know what that is like....hurry, wait, hurry, wait! And I've finally ordered myself a rotary cutting mat/ruler/cutter set from Joann's - I managed to snag it for 55% off - my mom wanted some beads which were on sale, and before I knew it, skippedy dooodah, it was in my cart and being ordered! I've got stacks of fabric I've been holding off on playing with but this year, I really want to get into making all sorts of cute things! I even bought some Darice floss/bobbin holders on sale and plan on starting to reorganize my floss this weekend - I'm wondering if I am daring enough to take before/after pics - it's scary! :) A friend asked if I had a floss winder and I said no, I love to do it by hand - I love seeing the colors catch the light - it's like playing with mini-rainbows - so hopefully, I'll be playing with rainbows later today :)

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