Monday, November 10, 2014

Ornament Overload!

Sometimes I wonder how I get myself talked into things! I decided to sign up for a Christmas ornament exchange - which I was and am so very happy that I did - it got me back into stitching on a more routine basis and more into the holiday spirit - it is on it's way to the recipient or else I'd show it here.

Why being frazzled? Well, I couldn't decide which one to do as I really didn't have any information about the recipient - I found one pattern I really liked - and am working on my 3rd color version of it - 1 is totally finished except for a bow on top, 1 is done and needs finishing, and 1 is being stitched.

But I wasn't sure about it - so I found a different one - got that stitched - 1 over 28 ct - whoo hoo to me :) and got it finished and mailed - so now my family wants one for them so I started it as well.

Then there is the snowman snowglobe - I made one - loved it - so another one is being made for a friend's granddaughter as a surprise - then I want to do the Santa snowglobe that goes with it -

then I found a darling Vervaco design of 2 chickadees (or something similar) sitting on a tree branch singing the French version of Jingle Bells - so I tea-dyed fabric with 3 different teas, bought the floss for it and have it to do as well....

and then there is the Enchanted Santa I want to do as well....anyone got an octopus I can clone myself with so I can have enough hands and eyes to get all these done? :) I'll post pics a tad later once more are finished, received, etc.