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Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Little Bird....

A little bird stopped by and dropped me a note from Angela (Christmas Ornament Exchange - the sign-up is still open until Oct. 1st) wondering what kind of fabric I was going to be stitching my ornament on. This got me to thinking that perhaps a post about what kinds of fabric and designs I like might be useful to my exchange partner. So here goes and I promise it's pretty simple:

Hi Exchange Partner,

I really appreciate you taking the time to stitch a little something for me. I hope you will have as much fun in participating as I am hoping to, too. I think it's very sweet of you and whatever I receive will be treasured for many years to come :)

Fabric - anything. Design - anything (it's all for one here at my home). How it's finished - any way you want to.

That's about all I can think of :)

Thank you,


P.s. and yes, I did respond to Angela's inquiry.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

May just be the kickstarter I need!

Yes, we all know I've been in a stitching slump for various reasons. And what do I do? Rejoin FB and sign up to be part of many stitching groups. Oh wow, the eye candy! Yet my needle sits still, gathering dust. Not good. But then Angela at Hooked on Stitches is having a Christmas ornament exchange and after hemming and hawing a bit, I thought, get off your duff and have some fun doing something for someone else. My stitching for others always seems to motivate me as where stitching for myself, well....snooze....

So yes, even though it is still officially Summer (no matter what the stores think they might convince you of otherwise with all their upcoming seasonal holiday displays lol :) yes, I am starting to get a tad excited about this project. Which is weird for me this early in the year but none the less, I think I may look through my stash tomorrow to see what I can come up with for inspiration!

Oh, and if you are interested in signing up for Angela's exchange, I think you have until October 1st. It is an international exchange, stitched & finished ornament only. Here's the link:

And thank you Angela for organizing this. I really think I need it! Oh and a belated shout out to my newest followers  and to all my current followers - thank you for being patient with me! I will blog more stitching stuff soon!

Hugs to all,