Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Know it's been eons since I've posted, but hey, at least I remembered to make a post sometime during the month of August!

Not too much to report on the home front - still trying to find the right job - having physical limitations makes it that much more difficult, especially when being too over-qualified for what's out there locally and trying to stay away from a long commute. But I'm still trying daily so I am praying God opens the right door for me soon.

I've done maybe 7 hrs stitching for the entire month and maybe 3 hrs knitting. Nothing major to show (plus I need new batteries for my camera) and the photos by my webcam are worse than by my camera (so you know it's bad!) ha!

I did finally join FB (what a fiasco I managed to combobulate) - if anyone ever "recommends you to add other friends" - do it very slowly or else FB likes to freeze up your account - they want you to i.d. a whole bunch of people's photos (including ones of their kids etc.) that I had no idea who was whom, or is that whom is who? Oh well, so I reactivated my oldoldold account instead. It was very kind of the person to do so to help me feel welcomed in the groups she added me to (been feeling kind of down and lonely - don't worry, won't caterwaul a country song) so it made me feel good and then instead of using common sense to go about things, it went kablooey lol :)

Oh well, much ado about nothing. There really are some wonderful stitching groups on FB (only joined some cross stitching ones so far, not venturing into knitting/quilting stuff yet) with more than enough eye candy to make one drool a lot!

Anyways, that's the bees knees for now (don't ask me why I wrote that).

Hope where ever you are, that you are relaxing and having a pleasant time of it :)

P.s. I have no idea what that post card says - just thought it was cute :) Thanks to the Grapics Fairy!