Thursday, July 17, 2014

Brushing the dust off....

Wow - where has the time gone? I know I haven't posted on here much of late - and what I have posted doesn't amount to much. Besides stitching for about an hour a few weeks ago, I haven't had any desire to stitch or to actually do anything creative. I've been wanting to make a tote bag and I've got all the supplies - just couldn't get the motivation I needed to sit and make the darn thing!
But I think that is changing a wee bit.

I woke up this morning (bright eyed at 4:15am) and wanted to stitch. And I did. I stitched about 2 hours worth on Tradewinds (not enough to show) - progress! :) I've also noticed a series of questions floating around in blogland about stitching so I thought that might be a good way to get myself back into blogging a bit.

So without further ado, here we go:

Q1 - How did you start?  Who introduced you to cross stitching?

-- I don't remember. I know my grandmother taught me some basic embroidery before she passed on when I was 6 but no one in the immediate family was really into a lot of needlework - my mom did sew from time to time but I think I gravitated towards it on my own really.

Q2 - Favourite theme or designer
-- Ocean stuff, some Asian designs, Amish/farming, natural elements, animals, Mirabilia, it really just depends on the individual design.

Q3 - What brand of floss do you use?
-- DMC but I do have a small selection of silk floss that I love to use - which reminds me, before I got into this stitching slump, I had finished Seashell Silhouette in silk and even have the frame for it but I haven't framed it - I am really out of it!

Q4 - What is your fabric of choice?
-- Monaco - being on a very tight budget has kept me from being able to try different fabrics like I would want to. Monaco is my standby that never fails me.

Q5 - Do you use a needle threader or are you a floss licker?
-- Definitely a floss licker. Sometimes I use a needle threader if I really am having problems with it - maybe with metallics only but definitely a licker. Once in a blue moon, I've been known to get a tiny paper cup with a bit of water in it to stick the end of the floss in it - especially if I am getting over being sick - don't want to contaminate anything more than I have - I never could understand how people who are very sick sometimes with a bad cold or flu will go ahead and stitch.

Q6 - What brand of stitching frame (or hoop or otherwise holder) do you use?
-- I have a few QSnaps, a few scroll-frames bought at Joann's - nothing too expensive. I once bought a floorstand from Nordic Needle but it didn't work too well with my eyesight and chair - I need my projects close up (I use the clip-on magnifiers) - so I often hold the frame in my arm and on my tummy.

Q7 - How many projects have you finished?
-- HAHAHHAHAHAHA uhh, I can't count that high - plus my braincell is AWOL as usual.

Q8 - How many completed works are hanging in your house?
-- I actually have 3 on display for a change - a pair of dolphins, a small cross and a summer-themed scarecrow - oh and I just noticed that a small pillow I did for my sister is still out oh and there's a small bird one I did that is also out too. So I guess that makes 5. But only the dolphins belong to me - everything else belongs to others.

Q9 - Do you stitch for gifts or for yourself?
-- Not near enough. Seems whenever I start to do something for myself, people come along wanting/needing stuff - gifts, whathaveyou - and I cave in and do things for others. Which most times I don't mind, but more and more, I want to do for me.

Q10 - Favourite finished cross stitch piece?
-- It's actually a crewel/long embroidery piece - of a gorgeous kimono - but it is in storage in another state - hope someday to be able to get down there to pick up the darn thing!

Q11 - Worst experience whilst stitching?
-- Same project as in question 10 - the project was stitched on the material provided in the kit as the outlines were pre-printed on it - the material has tiny flakes of darker natural cotton fibers in it - that really don't show up unless you have your nose next to the fabric - I had finished it and was showing it to a family member who took one look and said I needed to use bug spray on it to get rid of the bugs. I have never been so insulted in my life when it comes to my stitching and it took me a very long time to forgive this person for saying what they did - it still makes me angry.

Q12 - What do you love and hate about cross stitch?
-- Love? The creativity and painting with thread. Hate? Nothing really except for not having enough time, or my tendonitis flares up in my hand, and some designers patterns are hard to read.

Q13 - Have you introduced anyone else to cross stitching?
-- I have tried but no one has really took to it so to speak - plus I don't have the patience really to teach it that well - I can but I rather be left alone so I can stitch! One reason why I don't think I could go to a stitching retreat and expect myself to stitch - I need it quiet where I don't really interact with others.

Q14 - The first project, did you finish it?
-- I don't remember my first cross stitch project so I can't say :(

Q15 - How do you store your floss?
-- I have 2 large plastic storage boxes for scrapbooking paper that I have the majority of my floss in - the rest is in bags.

See ya next time :)

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