Friday, June 6, 2014

O.k. so this isn't exactly what happened....

But it feels like it! I've been having iron infusions now - 2 of 8 so far - and I feel wonky wobbly for a couple of days afterwards. One of the problems with being anemic is that one will also feel extra cold at times - usually in my feet. Earlier this morning, I decided to lay back down for a bit of a rest, covered my feet with a lap afghan, and promptly went to sleep.

I woke up about an hour later and needed to spend a penny/visit the little girl's room, which just happens to be located about 7 feet from my bed - I have to walk past 2 closets to get to it - I took about 3 steps and my left foot was unbeknownst to me, half asleep (didn't feel any numbness or tingling). It crumpled under me and my shoulder and arm hit the door frame and closet door when I tried to catch myself from falling.

I now have a bummed up ankle (not too bad considering) and 2 scratches on my left arm - one of which is very long and bruising up quite nicely. My shoulder also is a tad achy at times.

Basically, I feel like this lady probably did once the picture was taken!

Therefore, my stitching and sewing post will have to wait a bit until I can move more gracefully again without going tush over teakettle!

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