Friday, April 18, 2014

Crazy Contraption & Wild Few Weeks....

That's what I feel like right now - getting used to a new computer and new OS - Windows 8.1. Such a change from Vista in some respects. But at least I am back online. Not sure if anyone missed me - ha!

I can't remember if it's been 3 weeks or 4. Long time for me. I never really did make it to the library to use their computers.

Thanks to Mother Nature, I have become severely anemic and get to have 4 weekly iron IV infusions - it should stop the very bad palpitations I've been having (wearing a heart monitor for 24 hrs and having an allergic reaction to the tape holding the wires is so much fun - not!, also tons of lab work), along with the lack of energy, sleep, etc. I also have finally improved physically enough, got all the doctors' approvals, as well as get the insurance straightened out where I can get a Merina IUD to really slow down my monthly - which means hopefully in a few months, I will no longer have to be bed-bound 3-5 days of each month!

I am praying God truly has me on the right path this time and while I know both are not cure-alls, at least I hope my health continues to improve!

Hope to have a stitching post soon!

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