Monday, March 3, 2014

So, where is it?

I can just hear Mr. Ortolan asking me that in a scolding tone of voice. Or would that be chirp?
No, no new photos of my "orts" - as there aren't any - well, none worth showing. Local shop is out of B5200 (bright white) and I need more of it. I did finish Frosty Forest 2 - Snowy Deer - but need to take a photo. Super rainy out and makes for making my funky photographic skills even funkier.
Am going to be starting a crochet trim project for some pillowcases I made my mom. If I can get my braincell's fog to clear up. Been down with a bad bug the past week - slow to get over - not feeling up to doing much. Oh well. Happy Monday.

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