Monday, February 3, 2014

This thing is driving me buggo....

I'm sure you've seen / heard about those 10 minute table runners out there on the web that have been around for a bit - well, I've made a few of them now and they are well received - and pretty easy to make too. I do mine where the folded triangle fabric ends are underneath so the center fabric is the main fabric that runs the full length with the border fabric just on the edges. Well, my cousin's birthday was back on January 20th - she loves cats and I found this adorable fabric and thought it'd be cute to make her a table runner -

I use iron-on fusible webbing strips under the triangle corners of the border fabric on the back so it stays nice and flat and easy to take care of. Cept I messed up the original one in sewing and tried to take it apart - being sick and trying to sew is not a good combination. Finally felt like tackling it again and went shopping today and couldn't find the original border fabric I chose (small floral print that looked like tiny cat paw prints from a distance) - so I found this instead:

It's darker in person and blends really well with the cat fabric. Supposed to be "claret". Anywho, this thing has been driving me buggo - why? Well, I am an o.k. sewer - seams weren't as straight as they should be - my cousin is a perfectionist - self-induced pressure to do it properly - wanted it to be a nice yet simple gesture to her - she's in a new apartment since going through a really rough divorce - need to get it done and out in the post tomorrow afternoon - and I feel like blech right now.

Just rambling here. Maybe I'll go fix me some ice cream. Yeah, that sounds good.

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sharine said...

Ice-cream makes all things better:)