Friday, February 7, 2014

Oh Sew Much Going On....

My goodness, it has been a busy week - admittedly, partially full of taking a lot of naps! Have had a bad bug of sorts - nothing too major of symptoms but just mostly sinus headaches and needing naps as I haven't been sleeping well during the night. But alas, I have gotten a few things done - no pictures to show yet but I am getting more in a creative mood again - which means my stitching mojo is coming back - yea!

So what has filled my basket project wise this week so far? I actually put in 2 hours on Tradewinds today! Starting the first dolphin section. Oh, I also learned how to knit a small "training" sock this week! Finished it last night in fact- and I've been helping my mom at times learn how to do hers. I also ordered the newest pattern in the Frosty Forest series - Snowman's Cottage - and the button to go with it - I think it is the same bird button as for Raccoon Cabin. Let's see - oh and I also managed to get the fabric ironed out for my cousin's table-runner. I also sent back 3 skeins of GAST floss to 123stitch that I received as a gift for the Frosty Forest series. One definitely looked mislabeled to me - way too light for the trees in the Snowy Deer chart - Joann is being kind enough to look them over and possibly exchange them. I am holding off on working on it until I get my floss returned.

It may not sound like much but I have another reason for being preoccupied -

my mom was treated to a month's access to & (tons of old newspaper articles) and (tons of older military records). So we've been busy with that. Once branch of her family has been researched back till the early 1200s in England/France. But there's a lot we don't know of many relations history (her father's side, my father's side for instance) except for hit and miss - so we've got a lot to do in 30 days. We have a lot of military members going back to the French-Indian war here in the USA - plenty to keep us busy!

Oh and one more little thing, I decided to get some Petridge Farms frozen Texas toast (frozen garlic toast) - grilled it so to speak in the skillet with a touch of Pam cooking spray. Turned out delicious! And quick too! If there's garlic bread cooking, my family comes a runnin' for it!

Will try to post a few pictures in a couple of days. Busy weekend planned. Thanks for stopping by!

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