Sunday, February 16, 2014

No, I don't play golf....

But I feel like this guy here - whacking away at that stupid ball! (sorry any golf lovers out there). In the past 2 days I've sewn 2 kaftans (loose dressing gowns), 1 table-runner, and 6 pillowcases - all with a bad large blister on the inside of my left thumb - and it hurts. Badly. And then I get told, well, your pillowcases are nice and we're soooo grateful should have done this hem that way. Bah! I'd have pictures but the camera is that-a-way, the batteries are this-a-way, and my bohunkis is here-a-way.

I also watched Chasing Ice - a stunningly beautiful yet haunting in impact film about the state of world glaciers and global warming - don't think I ever posted this but I have always wanted to study marine science - just not the biology aspect but also the geophysical / oceanography / glaciology part as well - I've had several courses towards it and have loved every second of it - but thanks to health and family issues, that dream is - well, it is what it is. Just seeing stuff like this makes me miss it so much more. To be in the Arctic / Antarctic regions - underwater - pelagic stuff - sigh....

I need to get back to regular stitching. But my thumb hurts. And I'm hungry. Only having had a few bread & butter pickles today (it's now 2:31PM) may have just a teeny bit to do with my mood. Oh well, at least there is more Sherlock Holmes (with Jeremy Brett) to look forward to later today :)

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