Friday, February 21, 2014

Well, I tried....

First off. Welcome to my new followers :) Thank you so much for joining me on my wonky journey!

What did I try today? I decided to play with the sewing machine for a bit and some scraps of fabric I had left over - I've seen those cute fabric triangle ort / thread catchers that were popular to make awhile back so I thought what the heck - I'd give it a go.

Here's the tutorial I used: Triangle Ort Thread Catcher Instructions are very clear and look easy enough.

Thoughts on results: 
  • Admittedly, I am not an expert sewer, especially with triangles - need to practice more.
  • Feel it needs to be of a larger size for home use - pattern size is good for traveling - or I've got fat fingers.
  • Understand the need to reinforce corners but felt it was a bit overkill. Did this every time I came to a corner, whether inside out or right-side out. Of course, she suggested rounded corners when you first sew - and I am not comfortable with doing that.
So here it is:

My camera is being a brat and making a burgundy-colored thread catcher with pearlized buttons look washed out.

Maybe I could put it over my nose and have a side-show as a clown or wear it as a funny hat.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just a smidgen....

it was there....not for long....but it sure was pretty while it lasted this afternoon....

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Fling Floss Giveaway Alert!

Just when one can't stand any more rain or snow,
along comes a bit of sunshine - in the way of Nancy
at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe having another
wonderful floss giveaway - 5 skeins of her beautiful
hand-dyed floss to 10 winners! Be sure to check it out here!

Monday, February 17, 2014

No, they are NOT toilet plungers!


She, who shall remain nameless, asked me why I was stitching toilet plungers....


They are tree trunks.

Oh, and here's the stupid cat table-runner (which drove me bonkers) that I may send to my cousin....sometime. It's on top of tote bags so the photo looks weird - but then what else is new in my life?


Sunday, February 16, 2014

No, I don't play golf....

But I feel like this guy here - whacking away at that stupid ball! (sorry any golf lovers out there). In the past 2 days I've sewn 2 kaftans (loose dressing gowns), 1 table-runner, and 6 pillowcases - all with a bad large blister on the inside of my left thumb - and it hurts. Badly. And then I get told, well, your pillowcases are nice and we're soooo grateful should have done this hem that way. Bah! I'd have pictures but the camera is that-a-way, the batteries are this-a-way, and my bohunkis is here-a-way.

I also watched Chasing Ice - a stunningly beautiful yet haunting in impact film about the state of world glaciers and global warming - don't think I ever posted this but I have always wanted to study marine science - just not the biology aspect but also the geophysical / oceanography / glaciology part as well - I've had several courses towards it and have loved every second of it - but thanks to health and family issues, that dream is - well, it is what it is. Just seeing stuff like this makes me miss it so much more. To be in the Arctic / Antarctic regions - underwater - pelagic stuff - sigh....

I need to get back to regular stitching. But my thumb hurts. And I'm hungry. Only having had a few bread & butter pickles today (it's now 2:31PM) may have just a teeny bit to do with my mood. Oh well, at least there is more Sherlock Holmes (with Jeremy Brett) to look forward to later today :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

To You, My Dearest Readers....

Thank you for being with me thus far,
My heart to your's - Happiest Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Oh Sew Much Going On....

My goodness, it has been a busy week - admittedly, partially full of taking a lot of naps! Have had a bad bug of sorts - nothing too major of symptoms but just mostly sinus headaches and needing naps as I haven't been sleeping well during the night. But alas, I have gotten a few things done - no pictures to show yet but I am getting more in a creative mood again - which means my stitching mojo is coming back - yea!

So what has filled my basket project wise this week so far? I actually put in 2 hours on Tradewinds today! Starting the first dolphin section. Oh, I also learned how to knit a small "training" sock this week! Finished it last night in fact- and I've been helping my mom at times learn how to do hers. I also ordered the newest pattern in the Frosty Forest series - Snowman's Cottage - and the button to go with it - I think it is the same bird button as for Raccoon Cabin. Let's see - oh and I also managed to get the fabric ironed out for my cousin's table-runner. I also sent back 3 skeins of GAST floss to 123stitch that I received as a gift for the Frosty Forest series. One definitely looked mislabeled to me - way too light for the trees in the Snowy Deer chart - Joann is being kind enough to look them over and possibly exchange them. I am holding off on working on it until I get my floss returned.

It may not sound like much but I have another reason for being preoccupied -

my mom was treated to a month's access to & (tons of old newspaper articles) and (tons of older military records). So we've been busy with that. Once branch of her family has been researched back till the early 1200s in England/France. But there's a lot we don't know of many relations history (her father's side, my father's side for instance) except for hit and miss - so we've got a lot to do in 30 days. We have a lot of military members going back to the French-Indian war here in the USA - plenty to keep us busy!

Oh and one more little thing, I decided to get some Petridge Farms frozen Texas toast (frozen garlic toast) - grilled it so to speak in the skillet with a touch of Pam cooking spray. Turned out delicious! And quick too! If there's garlic bread cooking, my family comes a runnin' for it!

Will try to post a few pictures in a couple of days. Busy weekend planned. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 3, 2014

This thing is driving me buggo....

I'm sure you've seen / heard about those 10 minute table runners out there on the web that have been around for a bit - well, I've made a few of them now and they are well received - and pretty easy to make too. I do mine where the folded triangle fabric ends are underneath so the center fabric is the main fabric that runs the full length with the border fabric just on the edges. Well, my cousin's birthday was back on January 20th - she loves cats and I found this adorable fabric and thought it'd be cute to make her a table runner -

I use iron-on fusible webbing strips under the triangle corners of the border fabric on the back so it stays nice and flat and easy to take care of. Cept I messed up the original one in sewing and tried to take it apart - being sick and trying to sew is not a good combination. Finally felt like tackling it again and went shopping today and couldn't find the original border fabric I chose (small floral print that looked like tiny cat paw prints from a distance) - so I found this instead:

It's darker in person and blends really well with the cat fabric. Supposed to be "claret". Anywho, this thing has been driving me buggo - why? Well, I am an o.k. sewer - seams weren't as straight as they should be - my cousin is a perfectionist - self-induced pressure to do it properly - wanted it to be a nice yet simple gesture to her - she's in a new apartment since going through a really rough divorce - need to get it done and out in the post tomorrow afternoon - and I feel like blech right now.

Just rambling here. Maybe I'll go fix me some ice cream. Yeah, that sounds good.