Friday, January 17, 2014

Frankenstien Fabric - Frosty Forest

 Raccoon Cabin - Frosty Forest 1. 

You MUST use your imagination here - the picture does not show the right shades - the original fabric is white - it is hand-painted with lavender (too light), blue (too bright) and a lot of glitter (just right) - I always seem to try to get an ocean-feel in my projects and I think/know I over-did in this one. But being on a budget, I decided what the heck and go ahead and use the darn thing - next to impossible to get 16ct fabric in my area without having to order it and I wanted to start it. So I'm making-do and using my Frankenstein fabric. I think once all 9 parts are done on it, it may turn out pretty cool. Then again, if not to others, well, it's slowly growing on me. The white stitching shows up much better in person.

And if you think this is funny, wait till you see the 2nd tutorial sock my mom attempted to knit - that really will have you cringing and giggling :) (yes, she knows I am writing this and she agrees with me).


sharine said...

Love your fabric choice:)

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

I don't get an ocean feel to it. I think it looks like swirling snow and snowbanks... :)