Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Ortolans are not happy....

My ort jar is empty :( But I have been stitching!!!! It just got tossed out my mistake. Guess I'll have to double up my efforts for next time.

TUSAL info here.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bit of This, Bit of That....

Been a bit since I last posted. Too much stuff happening at home. For once, just once, I would love a January to roll around without going through a month's worth of "hell week at boot camp" - or at least that is how it feels.

Anywhos - you can see I've been doing some stitching - Frosty Forest - Raccoon Cabin is done. Started in on the Snowy Deer and found the green GAST floss I received is completely mislabeled. So am holding off on working on it for awhile. Yes, my fabric is that sparkly in person and yes, I am showing more of those wild blue wave paint stripes I did on it. It does look much better in person - although in all honesty, if I had it to do over again, I think I would have just painted it sparkly or saved up the money for the right fabric. Oh well, live and learn and waste not, want not.

Got a few other projects been working on but can't show those yet. Done a bit of reading too - How to be Lovely - The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life by Melissa Hellstern and The Southerner's Handbook - A Guide To Living The Good Life by the Editors of Garden & Gun (weird, I know). Lots of lovely tidbits in the first one - including a quote I may chart out to stitch of a Dutch saying. The 2nd has great recipes and brings back a lot of memories of distant family.

Was sick for a bit so my sister was kind enough to get me some Sherlock Holmes dvds from the library with Jeremy Brett - we really enjoyed them so I asked her to order me a few more on hold....

now there are 7 of these dvds at the library waiting to be picked up....

oh, along with the movie The Butler. We haven't gone out to a regular movie in a few years - just wait for them to come out on dvd through the library. I prefer watching new movies in the theater - but, being on dvd, it's nice to see any special bonus materials they include - plus it's nice to be able to re-watch them to see if you missed out on something the first time around. We don't have cable or even an antenna hooked up for watching local tv programs so it's nice to have something to watch every so often.

Tootles till next time.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Frankenstien Fabric - Frosty Forest

 Raccoon Cabin - Frosty Forest 1. 

You MUST use your imagination here - the picture does not show the right shades - the original fabric is white - it is hand-painted with lavender (too light), blue (too bright) and a lot of glitter (just right) - I always seem to try to get an ocean-feel in my projects and I think/know I over-did in this one. But being on a budget, I decided what the heck and go ahead and use the darn thing - next to impossible to get 16ct fabric in my area without having to order it and I wanted to start it. So I'm making-do and using my Frankenstein fabric. I think once all 9 parts are done on it, it may turn out pretty cool. Then again, if not to others, well, it's slowly growing on me. The white stitching shows up much better in person.

And if you think this is funny, wait till you see the 2nd tutorial sock my mom attempted to knit - that really will have you cringing and giggling :) (yes, she knows I am writing this and she agrees with me).

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What was I thinking?

Ya know when inspiration strikes and you think, oh boy! Today's the day! I will do something productive, creative, beautiful, fantastic....something to be proud of! There's no stopping me! I have all the supplies I need, it is nice and quiet, just a perfect day to do a project.

Well. Well not. Well I don't know. ~looking over at project~ yikes. Criminey.

I am going to be starting Frosty Forest by Country Cottage Needleworks - all on the same piece of fabric. Decided to "save" some money and paint the fabric myself. I used to do a lot of fabric painting, very detailed work, have taken many an art class both painting and drawing, so I feel pretty confident with my skill-set.

Boy, am I dumb.

I'm not sure how this is going to turn out. I did blue and soft lavender (think snowbanks) with diamond looking glitter allover it. Lavender is good, glitter is great. Blue? Oi vey, what was I thinking? Looks more ocean waves than snowbanks. Am hoping stitching over some of the areas will tone it down.

Or else, I will be stitching this project more than once. That's what I get for being "cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap" and try to save a few pennies. I just don't like the grey color of background the original calls for.

And no, no pics yet. Maybe once I get a lot of stitching on it, then....maybe.

P.s. I just read this post out-loud to my mom. She told me she was so GLAD I posted this so I can warn others to make sure you have the right supplies and tools instead of trying to substitute. Gee, thanks mom!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas - New Year's Stitching....

Peanuts table-topper for my sister. Turned out huge!

Cardinal and Snowmen table-runners - hanging from hanger so picture is sideways and crooked. Oh, and out of focus too!
Gingerbread table-runner - picture is sideways as it is on small table still.
Small ornament finished on New Year's day - on ecru 22ct. Although you wouldn't know that from looking at the photo.
And a big thank you to everyone for the Happy New Year's & TUSAL wishes! Sorry for not visiting blogs and posting comments, family has been ill with a bad bug for the past week. Hopefully, we are on the mend. Cept the smoke detector just went off - my sister took one of her notorious super-hot showers and just opened the door - if there is too much steam, it goes off. It only chirped once, thank God! Lovely.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ortolan & TUSAL

This is Ortolan, part of the Ortolan Bunting family. He is going to help me keep on track to make sure I do my TUSAL posts. A little information about Ortolans: it is a very rare songbird - many times a one-time guest at the dinner table - thankfully this is now outlawed but often ignored to this day, unfortunately.

Anyways, without further ado, here is my 1st TUSAL:

Don't you love my "fancy" ORT container? It's a super-cute teeny plastic water cup! Hey, any port in a storm, right? My original ORT container is being used to house my earring collection at the moment so I need to find something else. I am stitching a small Christmas ornament in 2 different shades of red DMC (leftover floss from another project) on 22ct. My idea is to try to do at least 1 ornament per TUSAL post, so hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have a few to put on my tree! This is a freebie I found online - if you do a search for free one color cross stitch patterns, it shows up everywhere. Not sure who the original designer is. I would have more done but my family and I are starting 2014 off with a nice bug. Oh happy happy, joy joy! Ha!