Saturday, December 21, 2013

They're Here!!!!

Oh, how I've been waiting!!!!

It was so sad, the local stores being totally sold out!! I literally broke down in tears over it - which is not me! It is just not the same without these! Christmas holiday week must include these!!!! So I ordered online - free shipping too! And I've been waiting....
And waiting....non-so-patiently....waiting....

Then, this morning, the start of the Christmas week (to me at least),
lo and behold what was waiting at the door....
a box. Full of these delectable treats!
And to my greater surprise, they were double packed! I thought I ordered 3 packs of them. Turns out I ordered 3 sets - 6 bags - that's how they sell them! No wonder the box was so heavy!
Oh my oh my oh my oh my....

they are so fresh and just melt in your mouth!!!!

Other types out there have powdered sugar coating. These have a light ice coating of frosting.
Oh my Holy Moley!!!! YUMMY!!!!
Stupid to be so wrapped up in a cookie, but it really sets off the season for me!!!!
Someday, I will explain why.

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sharine said...

I totally get it. They are delish:)