Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sew Much To Do, Sew Little Time....

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of things happening and I am so far behind on my sewing, it's not funny. I have the 3 table-runners I was going to sew for the Christmas holiday hanging up on a pant's hanger - basted - turned inside-out hooked up on a cabinet door in the living room. Looks really quaint - not! Then there is my sister's table-topper I am planning on doing. It's grown larger and larger - originally, the finished size was to be 36" x 36" but now it's going to be a good 40" x 40" - the main piece of fabric is of the Peanuts gang during the holidays - the borders are a funky group of somewhat cartoon-like Christmas trees - it really is darling together! I even bought more backing material for it yesterday - a lovely medium green shade - it's so pretty. But it's all in the shopping bag.

We've had major college finals, illnesses, major medical issues and appointments out the kazoo, and all sorts of junk going on. We don't even have our Christmas tree out yet - and anyone who knows me knows this is NOT like me at all! The dining-room table  has a collection of various Christmas decorations grouped together - yet it all gets cleared off tonight as tomorrow, I am staying home and sewing! My table-runners are 16 straight seams away from being basically finished (there are interior top-stitching areas I want to do but that can wait) and then the table-topper and that's that. I really hope I manage to get it all done tomorrow - if my back holds up. Oh joy! lol :)

Oh yeah, I'm also supposed to teach my mom how to knit a "tutorial" sock tonight. Whimper! :)

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