Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nibbling On Some Toes....

The way today has gone, I really feel like nibbling on some toes. Be that as it may, the best I think I can manage right now is to work on something like this - and yes, it is seasonally related:

Cept I don't really feel like messing up the kitchen right now nor do I need the calories. So earlier today I went shopping and bought me a skein of this:

Vanna's Choice - Honey
I figure I can use it to make one of these:

Gingerbread Boy Pattern - © Sara Elizabeth Kellner 
Free pattern found on Ravelry - link here: Gingerbread Boy Pattern

It will be my first time knitting a toy - I figure the practice in shaping it might help me in trying to knit socks. And I do emphasis the word trying. We'll see....

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