Saturday, December 28, 2013

El Vaquero!

Oh, if you know Laurie Prindle's art (fabulous horse artist), then you may indeed be familiar with her El Vaquero - one of the wonderful ladies at 123Stitch was giving away some of her HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) patterns, including several of Laurie's work. I decided to take a chance to see if she had either Untamed Spirit or El Vaquero available - and El Vaquero is! Oh my! I am sitting here in shock that not only am I getting my first HAED as a gift, but that it is this one! It represents so much to me on so many different levels - it reminds me of home, beautiful Andalusian horses, various cultures I grew up, different places I have lived, the strength and gracefulness of proper horsemanship, oh so many things!

Wow. What a way to start the day/weekend! I am hoping after the 1st in January sometime, perhaps I can do a give-away for a HAED chart to someone else. Most likely in February as next month got a lot going on but still - definitely have to pay it forward on this one!!!!

It's funny - looking at the 2 titles I liked the best - reminds me of a test I took at an old job of my decades ago - to see what kind of employee you were - if you knew what a nightmare of a supervisor we were working for at the time, it still surprises me that I went ahead and took the test - the only person out of a group of 12 who had the guts to. I still remember the score, 51% loyal, 49% independent - quote, unquote, the perfect employee according to their rating scale. My ex-supervisor said she thought I would have scored 100% independent. I looked straight at her and said just remember, there is only 2 percentage points separating the two - loyal/independent - and it takes very little for me to move between them.

Guess that's still true to this day - good.

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