Monday, December 2, 2013

Being A Sponge or Is It Just Me?

Man, I don't know what's happened the past couple of days but it seems like there has been a major shift in the moods of the people I know or know of. I need to remember that all these emotions ripple into each other and to focus only on what really matters. A few days ago, everyone in my family were mostly in very good moods, looking forward to anticipation of the Christmas season. We had a beautiful Thanksgiving, truly fun and relaxing - hard work at times - but overall, wonderful. Within 24 hours, we are snarling at each other and nipping at each other's heels and nerves - without any real justification of the intensity. A lot of people I care about are going through rough times and not in the holiday spirit for various/justified reasons. And yes, we did have a couple of snags crop up today at home that if not controlled, could become major problems down the road  - but they can and will be handled appropriately and there are backup plans in place just in case. I just need to concentrate on being able to enjoy the blessings of Christmastime and ease back on the being upset throttle - it doesn't do anyone any good past a certain point and there are enough negative ripples in the universe right now as is.


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