Wednesday, December 18, 2013

An Absolutely Lovely Granting of My Christmas Wish!

Before I forget, I have to give a shout-out (again) to Theresa from 123Stitch. During this's year's Christmas Wish list, I had asked for a button. Yes, a button. This one:

Country Cottage Needleworks has started a new 9 part series (this last November) called Frosty Forest.

I have fallen in love with it - actually, I fell in love with the wonky raccoon first! - and being an ocean person, this is a bit surprising but then maybe I am going back to my roots. I was born in So. CA and for the 1st two years of my life, we lived high in the mountain foothills on the way up to Big Bear Lake. So maybe something stuck. Anywho....

The first chart is called Raccoon Cabin - it is in the top middle spot of the group if you stitch them all together.

I want to start this series in January and am planning on stitching them all on the same piece of fabric (more about that in a minute). Well, to keep me motivated, I decided just to ask for the button for this chart. I figure I know a lot of folks' budgets are tight this time of year and many of us are still affected by the economy fluctuations. But I didn't think this would stretch anyone's budget too much.

Not too long after I posted my wish, low and behold, Theresa came along and said she was going to grant my wish - what a sweetheart of her to do so too! We exchanged emails a couple of times - she asked me if I had the chart and I said no, that I was planning on getting it in January with the rest of the supplies.

A few days later in the mail came a package from 123Stitch. You know what she did? She went and ordered me the button, the chart and all the specialty floss needed for the entire series!!!! I still get teary-eyed over this! When I opened the package and saw all the floss, I thought it had been sent to me by mistake so I contacted her as soon as possible to see how she wanted the situation handled - that's when she told me what she had done. She really went and totally made my Christmas - I was and still am so stunned at how generous she has been!!!! All I wanted was the button!

Anyways, as to the fabric choice, I am not sure I want to stitch it on the color suggested. I am thinking of a cross between these two from Sunny Dyes Fabrics - Ice Princess or Snowy Winter's Day. I like the idea of a soft blue with a hint of pink in it but with the light/whitish silver sparkles through it. I may just hand-paint my own fabric to see if I can create the look I want. I was even thinking of something like this originally - Misty Forest - where you could see the tree silhouettes on the borders but after seeing the 2nd chart in the series and the 9-part layout, I think it would overwhelm the design.

Oh well, I have a few weeks yet to determine what I want to do. I just can't wait to get started on this!

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Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Thank you for sharing that lovely story! And I am looking forward to starting the design too. I just ordered 35 ct. WDW Confederate Gray for my series. :)
Merry Christmas!