Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quilt Block Pattern Models....

These are the 3 main blocks I am interested in doing for pillow covers:

Lone Star
You can have as many colors as you want - tutorial here. My great-grandmother did a king-size one in red/white/blue with a white background - stunning. All cut and sewn by hand. I don't know if I will do it by hand or machine. Probably machine. I have a jelly roll that is soft turquoise blue to dark blue tones - think it will be very pretty. Not sure about the corner and triangle blocks however.

Brilliant Cut Block

Directions .pdf and video here. I love this one - very different take on a Mariner's compass. Not sure what colors I will do it in.

Road To California
There are many pictures online of this one (finished block is top left image). It can be done in variety of colors or just 2 colors. Very similar to a Jacob's Ladder block. One thing I am thinking of doing - just going to play with a bit of fabric - is somehow incorporating a Bear Paw small block in the pattern somewhere. Not sure if that will work.

Bear Paw
There are plenty of examples out there of how to do one. They can be just 2 colors or more (as shown above). Why would I add one to the Road To California block? Well, I'm a California native and as much as it's messed up, I miss my home state. The California state flag looks like this:
So that's why the bear paw. Really don't want a bear per se on it and no, it won't be done in the state colors. Think tropical colors :) But we'll see.

Oh, did I happen to mention that I have never quilted before? Sewn, yes - quite some time ago. But quilting? Nah.

Gonna be interesting :)

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