Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Ironing Board Is Hiding On Me....

So dopey here decided to get it into her head that she wanted to play too.

Seems a lot of people of late have been bit by the sewing bug and making really cute things. Including, the 10 minute table runner.

Maybe you've seen one of the numerous tutorial videos like this:

Or seen a written tutorial like this:
SewWeQuilt's 10 Minute Tablerunner - I happen to like the way she has her's turned better where the background fabric's points are turned under (scroll to the bottom of the page to see her's).

So, how did mine turn out?

Not gonna show you yet.

Why? Well....let me explain. The dining room table is the only decent place to cut fabric as with a bad back, I can't really get down on the floor unless necessary. Plus, I'd have to hire a forklift or a wench contraption to get back up to a standing position afterwards.

The dining room table has a laptop and school books on it right now due to a student in the family - and knitting stuff at the other end. So I am lucky to have gotten the sewing machine to temporarily fit in the center of it.

I bought one of those folding heavy-duty cardboard cutting boards - it's still sealed up in the shrink-wrap. It did make a nice "surfboard" laying across my lap this morning when I tried to cut the material in the proper sizes. Out of 2 Thanksgiving runners I planned to do, only 1 piece was the correct size - everything else was over-sized.

Got them cut, basted together. got the machine up and running with a working threaded bobbin (after my 4th attempt at it). Sewed part of my first seam when the machine decided to sound like Godzilla with a bad sore throat. Machine oil to the rescue and we're good to go. Got the seams done. Turned it like they show in the tutorials. Got wonky points at the end and I do mean wonky. Maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow once I iron the darn thing. That is if I remember to take the plastic wrap off the cutting board and use a good towel over it.

At least my seams are fairly straight, considering I haven't sewn a seam in at least 6-7 years. Of course, the sewing machine has just been sitting on a small table, looking oh so pretty all this time - dusted but not used.

Oh and I forgot to mention, I did wash the material first but didn't iron it. Couldn't find the iron (everything we wear is wash and wear) - so had to buy a new $10. iron (it was on sale). Still in it's box, sitting on my bed. The ironing board is hiding in the back of the closet behind a suitcase and a few other items.

Can't say I blame it.

I do know what's on my Christmas wish list - a nice self-healing cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler set, table-top ironing board, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Well, not the partridge, but maybe a pear. Wonder if I could use it to coax out the ironing board from behind the water heater (it's trying to inch behind it - I can just see it trying to - not really) but still....

Post script: I still have 4 to make for Christmas too.

Post post script: I won't mention how many times my mom giggled her head off at me and my choice words while trying to sew this evening!

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