Saturday, September 7, 2013

Playing Tourist / Blogger Issues....

Been trying to post some Youtube videos of some local parks but Blogger keeps saying the links are invalid so I will have to post them individually:

There are 2 parks we've been meaning to go to - both are fairly close to us. However, after seeing the videos online, and being as my mom is wearing a boot on her foot up to her knee, it makes for very limited movement / walking for her, so we've decided to postpone going.

The first one is called Picnic Point Park - very interesting place to watch the trains go by on the overhead crossing: - Descriptive video of park. I would not build my home that close to the train-tracks!. - Interesting perspective of train going by - a little too close!

The next one is called Meadowdale Park - this one also has an overhead crossing of the train and is 1.25 miles to walk from the parking lot to the beach. It does have a lot of tide-pools when the tide is out apparently: - Seen at low tide with a coal train going by. - Another train video if memory serves me right - I haven't watched this one.

Hope to get out to take some more pictures tomorrow and relax. We all need it!

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