Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Energizer Bunny I Ain't....

Folks, I've got a lot going on at home right now that I need to focus on - I am finding my blog very boring of late and I have little interest in coming up with daily topics to post about at the moment. Believe me, if my blog is boring me, it has to be boring you! My mom sees her orthopedic surgery specialist this Friday that she was referred to to determine what can be done about her torn ligament and deteriorating ankle. I go in the first week of October to see what can be done about my menorrhagia. In between both appointments, my mom sees her eye doctor about cataract surgery. I am so burnt out right now and the fun hasn't even really began yet! So with that in mind, I am going to take a blog break for a couple of weeks or so. My batteries truly need recharging. Thank you to each of you who have stuck around and read / commented, etc. I'll be back shortly.

- Laura


Sarah said...

I hope everything turns out well for you. I will miss your posts and beautiful photos.

Audrey Humaciu said...

Hope everything works out and you come back refreshed.