Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Size Matters - Depends On One's Perspective....

Many years ago, I was taking a biology course at a local community college. I had to be at work at 12:30PM - I got there by bus so I had to leave class about 5 minutes early, run out the door and make my way as fast as I could to the bus stop. To help get me there quicker, I always sat in the seat closest to the door in the first row - it was a mini-auditorium - so I had a very good view (sorta sideways) of the front of the class.

There is a reason I mention this. 

I remember one day there was a film my instructor decided to show the class. With only music playing, it started out with a guy laying on the grass. The camera angle was above looking down on him. The camera got further and further away from him until the view showed deep space. It then rushed back down to the guy on the grass. The view then went inside the guy's body (I know this sounds weird but it wasn't gross). On we went to the cell level then down further to the protons and electrons.

Again, it rushed back out to the guy asleep on the grass. It was then that I noticed that I had to leave class (it was almost pitch black inside the room) to catch my bus. Being the first one to open the door, I went out into bright sunlight - and I felt very miniscule in size.

This video clip reminded me of that film and weird feeling I had when I left the classroom that day. Size and one's place in the universe does matter - it just depends on one's perspective.

Post script: I just found the night version of the video - here it is too:

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Kristina said...

Interesting perspective. As a sci-fy fan, I looked at these videos as enticing foreign landscapes. I like your perspective, though. There's a website that does this for me. You can zoom in and out through the galaxy. It puts everything in perspective on a bad day.