Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nosey Temptations....

Imagine waking up almost every morning smelling this:
It is enough to make one want to bottle the steam as it flows through the air so you can sniff it throughout the day.

That's about all I can do. You see, today's NaBloMoPo topic is do you like coffee or tea. I am allergic to coffee so that leaves tea - for everyone else. Being on Warfarin / Coumadin, I'm not allowed to drink tea. It's a big no-no.

But that doesn't stop my family.

Nope. Not in the least.

Every day just about I have to smell that heavenly scent of cinnamon and apples as it invades the apartment - making me thirsty and hungry at the same time. (Mom says that's a good description of it).

They do drink other types as well - another favorite is pineapple tea from Hawaii (special occasions). When those teabags come out, I'm out the door - the pineapple lover I am. I'd look pretty silly running around with a teabag hanging from my lips because the scent is soo good!

I do however get to enjoy seeing all the pretty teapots and accessories out there - my mom used to buy one for her grandmother on every birthday when she could. To this day, my family loves to look at beautiful china and tea sets and crystal. One year, I surprised my mom with a just because gift - Alpine Strawberries by Roy Kirkham (these are pictures I found online) -

Even to this day, if I come across a pretty teacup by itself or with a saucer, or a charming creamer at a consignment shop or thrift shop, it often makes its way home with me. I'll do a post another day about that.

To further immerse myself into the world of tea, there is a wonderful magazine and website called Tea Time Magazine - just look at one of their covers:
Every issue is just full of beautiful tea sets, table settings, and the recipes - oh the recipes!!! They even have them listed on their website - think we are living on the wrong continent as we would definitely have Afternoon Tea (similar to Afternoon Tea in Victoria at the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC) every day!

You will have to excuse me - time for me to take another whiff of apples and cinnamon!


Winnie said...

Thank you for the kind visit today! I am smiling as I LOVE all things tea related, and collect teapots, teacups and accessories. I love to blog my tea parties with my "Jane Austen" group, or my little nieces. I see you do stitch work, I will be back to browse around some more! Enjoy the day! PS. That magazine is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

The strawberry tea pot and cups are just so lovely. I love pineapple too, but have never seen pineapple tea. Closing my eyes trying to imagine how good that must smell brewing. Found you on NaBloPoMo blogroll. Look forward to sharing.