Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Much Ado About Stitching....

Just as there are 3 sides to a coin (heads, tails, and center rim), I feel there are 3 different modes to my stitching.

Mode 1: Each and every stitch should be just about as perfect as possible (think model stitcher). Seeing so many stitchers showing close-up photos of their beautiful stitching really makes me want to emulate their talent. Yeah, right! Ha!

Mode 2: Who gives a darn! As long as the stitching looks good overall, just be happy with it. This is my rushing - bored - fed-up - hurry up and finish the darn thing already style. Something I try to avoid.

Mode 3: Try to railroad each leg of a stitch, pray that each strand lays flat and parallel with each other without getting your knickers into a twist about it, untwist the floss by dangling the needle every so often, don't rush but don't linger - keep even tension, stitch for the enjoyment of it - type stuff.

I'm mostly set on Mode 3. Except for one or two teeny things.

My right hand has a few issues: tendonitis in index and middle fingers from eons ago plus a minor form of Duputryn's Contracture where my ring and pinky fingers are slowly being pulled forward and curled under. I am right-handed so sometimes my hand doesn't always feel up to stitching as much as I would want to. I am a bit ambidextrous so I can stitch with my left hand - very slowly but I can do it.

Teeny thing 2: I've got so much stitching I want to do, that I really think I should learn to stitch with both hands, a.k.a.: How To Stitch With Both Hands

Which leads to a couple of other questions: How does one railroad each stitch if one hand is on top & one is below your work at all times?

And more importantly, what kind of stand do I want to use? I usually keep my scroll-frame or Q-Snap held in my left hand / crook of my arm and stitch that way.

I've been looking at various floor frames, table-top and lap frames to see what I would like and what would realistically suite my lifestyle. I am a big gal (slowly getting slimmer) so I need something complimentary to my unique physique. Plus, the way our apartment is set up (don't ask), there is really only 2 places that I can stitch at (until we move) - either at the dining room table or sitting in bed.

This DMC model is really catching my eye - probably due to how quirky it looks and adjustable it is - I think it would lend itself to being manouvered into odd angles for my kind of stitching - especially if I want to learn to stitch with both hands.

There are other websites full of various models that also are giving me ideas - here and here. Lap stands are interesting - but either they sit on your lap and I don't want the weight of it on my legs that long or they straddle your legs and being larger, there probably wouldn't be that much room to move the thing around as I'd like. Table top models also appeal to me but I am not sure just how low or flexible they would be as I don't want to have my arms raised up very high to stitch for long periods (prefer to keep them more ergonomically level) plus I want one that can handle any size scroll-frame or Q-Snap without toppling over on me!

So there we have it. My thoughts so far on stitching. Whether or not I do manage to stitch with both hands and using what frame will be determined in the future. A.k.a., when the budget allows for experimentation! Ha!

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