Friday, August 30, 2013

Little Bit Here, Little Bit There....

Muti - the baby dress's skirt has grown from 4" to 8" in 3 days. That's good for me. No photo yet. It's over there, the camera is way over yander and I'm here.

Went to Joann's Fabrics today. Picked up all floss needed for 2 projects plus some aida for one of them. Just need the pattern which I will order tomorrow. Will post once it is completed and sent off - it's for a special quilt project.

The floss I did pick up for that I can talk about is for Apple Picking Time by Lynn's Prints - decided on the fabric to stitch it on - Autumn Meadow by Sunny Dyes. Wish the sky was a softer bluer - may have them do that for me. I will be ordering this in September.
 Also decided on the fabric for The Enchanted Sleigh by Leisure Arts - Snowy Twilight by Sunny Dyes. Love the richness of the blue color of the sky although I may have them tone down or eliminate the larger stars - didn't wan't it on a dark greyish background (well, the model looks that way to me). I will also be ordering this in September.

Still looking for the right fabric for my mermaid - am very close - will probably be a custom order by who else - Sunny Dyes.

That's all for today.

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sharine said...

You'll be a busy woman soon. Beautiful fabric:)