Monday, August 12, 2013

Just A Little This & That....

Today has been a quiet and uneventful day.

- I did do some traveling this morning however.
Went to Vienna and saw the Lipizzaner horses
and their lovely farm in Piber. Also attended the
Spanish Riding School and boy was that a workout.

- I also went sailing for a bit around the West coast
of the US during the late 16th-18th centuries. Also
traveled overland a bit along the Oregon trail - but
got a bit bored with all the dates and places. So I
came home.

- Colonel Klink has moved on to a new venue
someplace. I think he was a bit too vocal and his old
neighbors didn't like his caterwauling. It's a shame as
he was a cute little bugger and his human companions
were very nice.

- Speaking of moving, found out the Heir & the Spare
have moved in somewhere close by. Seems the Americanized
version of the Blonde & the Redhead have taken up surfing
and found a crash pad to park their boards near ours.
Well brought up blokes so far. Seem nice enough chaps.
One even has a liking for brunettes of the fairer persuasion
according to one of our roaming reporters.

- I've attended an Oscar Wilde opening performance late
this afternoon to a pleased audience. Am starting to crave
bananas. Just glad there isn't a cat-burglar who likes to nip
at the peels.

- And I shall be dining with a world re-known Italian chef -
ah, I can smell the food cooking and simmering away as we
speak. Or as I type, whichever you prefer.

Have a good evening.


Fran said...

Your uneventful day sounds just amazing and so interesting. Lovely writing.

Winnie said...

Sorry to hear about Col. Klink, he looked adorable! If you were on the east coast, I would share my sauce with you. Tomatoes are so bountiful this year.