Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Found Mom's Cow....

Heidi In The Hollihocks - Source
Finally remembered one of the 2 kits I couldn't place the other day - this is a needlepoint kit I bought my mom when we first moved up here to the PacNW - oh almost 7 years ago now. Been sitting packed away. She is cute in her own way. Then again, my mom always has liked pretty cows. Guess it's a fair trade off. If she can have her cows (no, we're not unidated with them either), I can have my orcas and dolphins, and horses, dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc. etc. etc. Good thing we love animals! It does crack me up that this kit, which was new in 1998, is now selling for $150-!

I finally stitched earlier this evening on TW's Tradewinds for about 1.5 hours - that is, when I wasn't interrupted. I am not a social stitcher. I prefer being on my own so I can concentrate - of course, I get very very focused so that's not always a good thing. Maybe a photo update tomorrow.

And this weekend, I have to get knitting again on Muti dress #2. Both dresses should have been finished, washed, blocked, packaged up, mailed, and received by now - according to my own schedule, no one else's. Oh well, hopefully with cooler weather the next 4-5 days, I'll be more in the mood to knit.

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sharine said...

That proved to be a good investment:)