Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hints In The Air....

There is that definite hint in the air that people are starting to talk about more and more - Autumn is on it's way.
Some of the trees are starting to adorn themselves with their regal finery of gold and red. When the sunlight seeks out the sparkling jems, is it any wonder we become so enraptured in the season? I am truly a summer girl at heart but who can resist....?
This time of year always makes me so nostalgic - it is time for the annual grape crush. If you have ever traveled through or been near a winery, you will know what I am referring to. That heady scent lingering in the air. Before dawn, the rows of vines are lit by spotlights, as the early morning mists rise while the grapes are being harvested by some of the hardest working people.
I miss driving through the valleys, seeing the radiant colors as the leaves turn on the vine - stopping to watch the Clydesdales in that large acerage - if you are lucky, a couple might come over for an apple you so patiently wait to give them.
The sun comes up over the top of the bay, highlighting the small ripples of water - the birds flying overhead as the land stretches before you. I lived in wine country for almost 20 years and had a beautiful (but very long) drive to & from work every day. Wine country is dusty country. Many people don't realize that. It's dusty and can be very hot yet it still has it's moments of beauty. Some vintners had roses at the end of many rows of vines - right by the roadside. Scatterings of oak trees. Yes, it definitely had it moments....

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Sarah said...

Beautiful photos. I love coming to your blog with all its beauty.