Saturday, August 31, 2013

Floating My Boat....

Doesn't it drive you bonkers a bit when something like this happens?

You walk into a bookstore, browse through the stitching magazines - call it pre-shopping if you will - find one that really floats your boat (ya really really like it) - you leave, go about your business for a day and night and next day, then go to tell someone about it, and also to post a post about it, and try to find it online at different places, and you can't remember what the heck the name of the darn thing is except that there is a good chance it is published by this site: and so you decide to write about it in a long run-on sentence on your blog because you are too tired and overstuffed from eating pizza for dinner to think coherently to converse properly - not that much of what you are rambling on about makes any sense or that the subject at hand is that interesting?

Well, that is my sentence for today. Tomorrow, I shall chat about pumpkins. Cute little buggers too.

Postscript: the magazine in question is a compliation of darling samplers and similar patterns. Like I need more stash. Ha!

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