Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dial-up Dilemmas....

30+ minutes folks. That is a record. For Blogger to load up where I can make a new post. Seems there is competition between the washing machine running and the computer / phone line connection as to who gets to use the electricity first.


So this won't be much of a post. I'm tired. The weather sucks - humid, sultry - making everything and everyone lank. I will be back on WIFI on the 4th - Thank God! I'll then be able to read blogs and start posting comments again.

Have a good evening.

Postscript: I did manage to knit 8 rounds on Muti this morning. Twins were born on Sunday - all are doing great! So I've got 4.5 inches left of main skirt body, then the 21 rows of lace work, 4 rows of seed stitch, then finishing up, washing, blocking, packing and they're on their way! Will have a picture later - maybe this weekend.

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