Friday, August 23, 2013

Brass Tacks....

TW Tradewinds - 08.23.2013
Well, it may not look like much but I've gotten some work on TW's Tradewinds - that funky brass part up above. I feel a bit of an idiot however. I noticed I was starting to run low on one of the lighter gold colors and picked up some more at the store. When I started to add it into the small plastic storage container where I keep my excess supplies and whatnots for this project, I noticed a plastic bag from Joann's Fabric in it.

Hmm, what's in here? Turns out, I had already bought all the extra floss I will need for the project. Uh boy. O.k.

I stitched some more on it and ran across a symbol on the chart that I couldn't find in the color lists. If you've ever seen a TW pattern, you are well versed on how many color combinations she uses - it's intense and can get confusing if you are not careful. I scoured over that list 3-4 times and still couldn't find the symbol. Till I flipped the darn thing over. It's for the gold beads in the project. Duh. Ya know that slogan "Keep Calm, Carry On"? Mine's - "Slap forehead. Next!"

Have to keep those daft moments moving on or else they pile up on me!

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