Monday, July 15, 2013


I think we have a poltergeist in the household.

Since my laptop is hovering between SNAFU & FUBAR at the moment (make that a very long moment), I am having to use my sister's computer.

I am used to my 17" wide screen - with a normal size keyboard. Not a compact, missing letter symbols, cursor jumps around like a fiend, making typing really weird, no number pad keyboard.

Did I tell you I am trying to prep for an assessment test at an employment agency? It's so much fun trying to type something and the word you think you are typing in sequence jumps up to 3-4 sentences above you and pops itself into a random place. Or your screen scrolls down to the bottom for no reason.

Yes, I've tried adjusting the mouse settings. And even tried the method of un-checking some box for the touchpad. Cept there's one teeny problem. The computer (and I me oh my) can't find the touchpad icon.

Oh yeah, while we're at it - our t.v. we use has a built-in dvd player. We can go a few weeks without using the t.v. (cable went bye-bye a long time ago) and the dvd player will start whirling on it's own.

It's especially fun when this happens in the middle of the night. Nope, there isn't a dvd in the drive either.

We also have a cuckoo clock that has a towel sitting on it's head. (stupid light senor is a bit too sensitive).

On top of the towel is Snowbelle. Or did we name her Snowball? Some decoration we got last year for Christmas. Really cute. I was responding to an email the other day about a phone interview when she decided to pop herself right off the clock in a graceful arch and land about 5 feet away.

I didn't know we had a pool in the living-room.

Definitely has to be a poltergeist.

It should be really fun when I set up the webcam for a Skype conference to be verified to try my hand at getting hired to do freelancing as a virtual assistant. They have to compare my photo with my i.d. and we chat for a few minutes.

Knowing my luck, my image will look like this:

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