Thursday, July 11, 2013

This makes me smile!

I promised myself when I first started this blog, that I would limit posts on certain topics, as I wanted this little piece of the internet to be a safe haven of serenity if at all possible - but I wouldn't be myself if I kept it that way all the time. Just as the waves on the beach have different rhythms and strengths, and the tides move as they do, so does life. My life is not like simple waters of a tranquil lake - I honestly wish they were at times - but then I would find it too darn boring! As vast as my sense of curiosity is, there is just too many things in this universe that at one time or another, captures my attention and time - it's bound to spill over here.

Anyways, this blog post will be about something wonderful I think!

A dolphin, named Sampal, has been able to escape and rejoin her original pod family!! The story is here if you want to read it - I will say I am glad to hear the aquarium that had her was in the process of getting her rehabilitated to be released back into the wild - but it's even better that she beat them to it! :)


sharine said...

Very sweet:)

Jeffy Sarto said...

You have a pleasing layout :D

lifewithlorelai said...

A very peaceful and tranquil blog. Your header is beautiful and is immediately relaxing. Lovely.

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