Saturday, July 6, 2013

Stash! I found stash!!

Oh, how I love to come across forgotten stash!! Am having to use my sister's computer and in doing some maintenance on it, I came across a folder called Patterns.

Now, to any crafter out there, you KNOW this means something good (at least we hope so)!

Tentatively, I peeked in - and Oh JOY did I hit the MOTHER LOAD :) Tons of freebies I had saved and forgot about!!! Cross stitch mostly, but also some knitting and crocheting too :)

And to make it even more sweet, I came across a small padded envelope from Victoria Motto of some lovely blue and purple trims I had won last year (often wondered what happened to that darn thing!) - found a lovely pattern to go with it and even have the threads sitting with the trims too :) Now, just need to pull some 22ct I think and I'll be off and running :)

Playing hide and seek can be a good thing I guess :)

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