Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Missed connections - what's that?

That is supposed to be today's topic from NaBloPoMo (yea! I spelled that correctly!)

Tell about a missed connection.

Missed connecting in what way? What about a should-have-been-missed connection?

There are 2 things that spring to mind when I think about this.

One was the time I was almost ran over.

The other time was when I knocked over a no-parking sign when crossing the streets on roller-skates.

Settle yourself in for a bit and I'll tell you about it.

We moved when I was 10 (kicking and screaming mind you) to a small town out in the boonies in the San Juaquin Valley from the L.A. area.

The kicking and screaming part wasn't because of a city girl moving to the country - my parents heritages made sure we felt comfortable with that aspect of life.

No. Kicking and screaming (not literally) because we had just moved less than 3 months prior and I had an awful sense of foreboding about the whole thing. (Turns out I was was more than right calling it but that is for another time, maybe.)

We lived next door to a couple who had a teenage son one year older than my older sister - so we all got along pretty good. The lady was from another country and my mom taught her how to drive. Even placed upon pillows and pillows behind her back, and the seat scooted up as much as possible, this lady needed her high-heels to reach the pedals of the car. It was a big car too. Took her I think 20-30 times to pass the driver's test but she finally got her license. (another story)

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, trying not to bore you to tears. One day us three kids were downtown waiting to be picked up by both moms - the next door lady was driving.

We see her approaching, and she had to turn a corner to pull in on a side-road to pick us up. I started walking towards where I thought she would stop the car - only to notice that that car was coming closer and closer to me - her son yanked me back. She drove up over the corner and parked the car there.

That was one "connection" I missed.

2nd story. Same group of people. Different location. My mom, sister and I had moved to a beach-town (parents splitting up) so my mom could attend the university there - (having lived in the SJ Valley, her health really took a nose-dive so it was decided for us to live someplace where she wouldn't die from the severe allergic reactions she had from rolling dust storms - another story).

Mom and son and nephew came over for a visit. Off to the beach we went. Us kids decided to rent some roller-skates to skate long the boardwalk. Got the skates, waited for the red-light to change to green, and took off skating. When everyone got to the other side of the street, they stopped.

I didn't.

At least, not at first. There was a no-parking sign with it's cement base around the bottom of the pole, sitting up on the sidewalk. I ran smack into that thing trying to stop and managed to knock the dumb thing over onto the sand.

It took the 4 of us some time to get it uprighted. Of course, laughing like crazy and having a ton of foot-traffic and beachgoers heckling us didn't help much.

Maybe it would have been better if the sign had said Stop instead.

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