Friday, July 19, 2013

Lavender, Tasha Tudor & Stitching....

Earlier today, before the headlines got too wonky, the main newspaper for this area had this lovely photo as their main image on the front page:

Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times
It just sets the mood for my weekend - relaxing, fun, whimsical, nostalgic, and peaceful.

This gentleman looks so much like my great-uncle - all that is missing is him wearing overalls! How he loved his ice cream!

I've decided to have a stitching / reading weekend. I was up late last night / early morning due to an asthma attack and decided to start knitting - I managed to get 3 rows completed on the baby dress. I am embarrassed to say I've only gotten 4 rows completed in about 3-4 weeks. Not good! But I will prevail! :)

Then I checked my email and to my absolute delight, Tasha Tudor's online web shop now is offering cross-stitch kits! Only 4 of them and they are pricey but oh what a delight it is to know that one of my family's most favorite authors/artists finally has their artwork available to stitch!!!! And yes, at least one of them is on my Christmas wish list :)

Also, here is the blog ran by her family - there is an email newsletter you can sign up for someplace as well:

In other stitching news, I got in an hour's worth of stitching on my Quaker Motifs project. Not enough really to show yet but hopefully by Sunday afternoon, it will be worth taking a photo or scan of to share.

Well, I think I will go read a bit more of My Cousin Rachel - I've read 3 chapters already and it definitely has me curious as to what happens next!

Enjoy the day and your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I found you on the NaBloPoMo blogroll. It's been ages since I did a cross stitch. That and rughooking kits were two crafts I actually had the patience for. My grandmother always said the only reason I couldn't sew or knit was patience. Maybe Santa will bring me a big bag of it for Christmas. And I hope he brings you all four of those kits. Cheers